10 Amazing Things to Do in Seoul, South Korea

10 Amazing Things to Do in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea, is one of Asia’s vibrant cities, continually growing and changing while yet being steeped in culture and history. Seoul City, known as the tourism paradise, welcomes more than a million visitors each year. You are in for a lot of fresh and fascinating experiences in this lovely city. Let’s take a look at 10 amazing things to do in Seoul with lifeztravel below!

Amazing things to do in Seoul that you shouldn’t miss

1. Go to N Seoul Tower

In the journey to discover things to do in Seoul, you definitely cannot ignore this. The landmark N Seoul Tower in the Myeongdong neighborhood offers one of Seoul’s best vistas. Everyone wants to go to one of the most romantic locations, especially couples who want to give one other the best.

Go to N Seoul Tower

The location to view the city’s stunning skyline beside the enchanting Hangang River is N Seoul Tower. The government is currently working on multimedia projects right there at the tower. You will be pleased with the glistening display of both natural and artificial light if you come here. The greatest time to climb Namsan Hill and N Seoul Tower is at dusk, just before all the city lights come on.

2. Try on a Korean traditional costume

If you are thinking of learning about the culture and amazing things to do in Seoul, wearing a hanbok is a must. The people of Korea still preserve and wear this type of traditional clothing. It takes a lot of work and attention to detail to create an outfit. As a result, Koreans highly value this kind of outfit.

Try on a Korean traditional costume

The majority of Seoul’s tourist areas sell and rent hanbok, so you can select to explore new things at significantly lesser costs by renting costumes. You can, however, totally purchase a set as a memento or give it to your loved ones if you’d like. Don’t forget to take stunning pictures once you perform the accomplishment to save this lovely memory.

3. Bathing in the sauna

One of the amazing things to do in Seoul that cannot be ignored is the sauna. The word for the sauna in Korean is jjimjilbang. The sauna is a necessary component of life for the locals. This is the area where all bodily sluggishness and unhappiness can be released. As a result, regardless of whether they are men or women, the city’s restrooms are constantly congested with people entering and exiting.

Bathing in the sauna

The act of using the restroom helps the body relax, while the sauna’s hot air promotes sweating and detoxification. Then you should unwind in the hot tub and chill off in the cold pool. Although it may sound unusual, this is how people typically bathe here. To truly appreciate Korean culture, try both cooked eggs and a cup of warm tea after a restful session. You must be completely naked to use the public restroom.

4. Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace

What are the best things to do in Seoul? The Northern Palace is another name for Gyeongbokgung. In the past, Gyeongbokgung Palace served as the Joseon Dynasty’s principal royal residence. On the northern part of Seoul City is where you can find this full enormous structure. One of Korea’s biggest and most beautiful structures is this one. It is regarded as one of this nation’s icons for the city.

Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace

You will be astounded by the skill of the ancient builders and architects when you arrive here. The building has been preserved virtually entirely over time. What makes this palace even more unique is that one floor of it is situated on a stunning man-made island. There is a crystal-clear lake all around it. One of the three stone bridges that cross the lake can be used to access the upper floor.

5. Experience traditional Korean food

It’s simple to get Korean food if you want it; just go to one of the locals’ homes’ tiny restaurants. You may get wonderful traditional Korean food nearby at a reasonable cost. Those who visit Suyeosanbang Traditional House can observe firsthand how to make traditional cuisine using authentic ingredients. Consequently, this is an excellent chance to both savor the distinctive flavors and learn more about the intricate procedure used to create them.

Experience traditional Korean food

In addition, you should meet a local chef, get fresh products at Namdeamun market, and cook your meal in a hanok (traditional Korean house) if you want to learn more about traditional Korean food. You can participate to learn how to prepare kimchi, which is a dish that frequently appears in Korean meals, and then shares it with everyone. This will be the best experience to discover amazing things to do in Seoul!

6. Shopping at Namdeamun Market

You will find a lot of fascinating items at Namdaemun Market, that much is certain. The market is regarded as the largest traditional market in Korea by the government. With the atmosphere of the market, you will feel completely at home in Korea. Enjoy the merchants’ energy and enthusiasm.

Shopping at Namdeamun Market

There are currently more than 10,000 stores on the market offering a wide range of goods. Here, small traders get together to buy, sell, and trade locally produced goods and daily essentials. You might see cabbage plants, enormous radishes, or unusual local vegetables. All together they paint a vivid picture of life and people here.

7. Visit Bukchon Hanok Village

One of the outstanding signature things to do in Seoul in particular and in Korea in general is the Hanok architecture. Don’t miss visiting Bukchon Hanok Village, a community of historic homes, to have the chance to see its distinctive architecture for yourself. It is situated in Jongno-gu, Gye-dong, on the north side of Cheonggye Stream. This is a location where historic homes that are more than 600 years old can be preserved.

Visit Bukchon Hanok Village

Additionally, the Bukchon Traditional Culture Center protects Korea’s traditional cultural aspects. The best proof of the affluent Joseon period can be seen in the ancient mossy roof tiles, which also feature peculiar designs and lines. You’ll feel fully at ease coming here because of the calm, serene environment. You will undoubtedly enjoy the best possible cultural experience if you go to Bukchon village.

8. Enjoy coffee in pet cafes

Pet-themed cafes are a recent phenomenon that has sparked a craze in the city. What’s even more unusual is that you’ll discover unusual animals in addition to attractive dogs and cats. These themed eateries will undoubtedly be irresistible to animal lovers. This is also one of the amazing things to do in Seoul!

Enjoy coffee in pet cafes

You will have a very fascinating experience if you visit the pet cafes in Seoul. We are confident that when you see the adorable looks of the sheep and pandas in the store, you will feel “heartbroken.” Everyone will chuckle if they have fluffy pals that will twirl around, run around their feet, or otherwise act like cats. On the other hand, a straightforward cat and dog cafe would be the best option for you if all you want is to be friends with a dog or a cat.

9. Visiting Bukkhansan National Park

It is a weakness for you if all you envision of Seoul is a congested, busy city with skyscrapers. Due to its location inside the surrounding mountains, Seoul is one of the distinctive megacities. So, if you ever feel like coming somewhere with fresh air, pick Bukkhansan. The metro ride to the region from the city center takes less than 20 minutes.

Visiting Bukkhansan National Park

For lovers of the outdoors, Bukkhansan National Park is a wonderland. You will feel as though you are climbing a mountain by strolling to its greatest summit. This mountainous area’s varied terrain gives climbers a wide range of options. More than 1300 different types of plants and animals make up the ecology in this location, which continues to be diverse. Living in tune with nature, taking in the clean air, and relaxing while taking in the magnificent landscape will become second nature to you.

10. Visit fresh seafood at Noryangjin Fish Market

Visit the bustling and lively Noryangjin Fish Market, where over 100 stalls sell everything from seafood to snacks, to see where locals buy the freshest. One of the most incredible things to do in Seoul is to visit the Noryangjin Fish Market for fresh seafood. The market is open every hour of the day. However, come here as soon as you can to be able to completely appreciate the commotion.

Visit fresh seafood at Noryangjin Fish Market

Remember to stock up on the freshest fish, which you can also have immediately at the serving businesses. Regarding the cuisine, there are numerous processing methods, including grilling, deep frying, deep-steaming, producing sashimi, and mixing salad. Pick select your favorite fresh produce after the tour, then locate a restaurant that will prepare it in front of you. The closest hotels are Marriott Executive Apartment and Seoul Seoul.


Above are 10 amazing things to do in Seoul, you also know how amazing this city is. It’s a destination where you can go on morning hikes, afternoon excursions to grand palaces, and nighttime bar hopping with tens of thousands of locals and tourists. Additionally, the food is authentically Korean and quite fresh.

These travel hints and advice will enable you to get the most out of your time in Seoul, whether it’s your first time going or not.

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