10 best bakery in Colorado Springs

10 best bakery in Colorado Springs

For many people, a decent bakery is like a home away from home thanks to the aroma of freshly made bread, a warm croissant, or a wonderfully crumbly scone. In fact, no matter where in the globe we are when we travel, we always find time to spend exploring the best bakery in the area. Nothing is, in fact, more calming than the aromas, noises, and flavors of a neighborhood bakery. Let’s follow us to find out the best bakery in Colorado Springs in this post!

Nightingale Bread

Nightingale Bread
Nightingale Bread: best bakery in Colorado Springs

On the north side of Downtown Colorado Springs, Nightingale Bread is housed in a former 1950s elementary school that has been transformed into a trendy neighborhood hangout. The instant you walk through the doors, you’ll know you’re at the proper spot, despite the fact that its placement is a little unobtrusive and you might not even realize it’s there at first glance.

Nightingale Bread isn’t in the least bit concerned with being “cool” or trendy, as seen by the fresh bread that sits behind the counter and the aroma of homemade pizza and baked pastries that fill the air. Making really, really amazing bread with premium ingredients is all that matters to them.

Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery: bakery in Colorado Springs

In Colorado Springs, Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery was founded in 1999. Given that Stephen Boonzaaijer created the bakery, its history is mainly a family one. Stephen’s father, Karel Hendrick III, relocated to Kalamazoo, Michigan, in 1960, and in 1964 he established a bakery that specialized in Bavarian crème-filled cakes and pastries.

As is traditional in Europe, the Boonzaaijer children all started working in the family business at the age of five, and Stephen was no different. He chose to take formal baking education in the Netherlands after working in a bakery during his university years and learning the fundamentals of baking and decorating in the family heritage.

Snowberry Bakehouse

You’ve probably tried a delicacy from Snowberry Bakehouse if you’ve visited a coffee shop in Colorado Springs. This neighborhood bakery is committed to working in collaboration with other locally owned small businesses by “offering fresh, nutritious baked goods.” They make treats based on traditional recipes utilizing high-quality ingredients, and they frequently combine unusual tastes and cooking methods to give the dishes a unique spin.

Despite not having a traditional bakery, Snowberry Bakehouse sells its delicacies in many coffee shops in the area, including Switchback Coffee and Story Coffee Company. Additionally, you can attend one of their locally hosted, semi-hands-on workshops led by owner and pastry chef Jen Denman.

Sweet Elizabeth’s Organic Bakery

The best place to go if you can’t have dairy, nuts, or gluten is Sweet Elizabeth’s Organic Bakery. We are not just a bakery, we are a community of people that understand your dietary needs, their website boldly proclaims, and they certainly live up to that claim.

They offer a full menu that is entirely plant-based and allergy-safe and serves baked goods, bread, breakfast, and lunch in addition to offering allergy-safe baking mixes produced from organic ingredients. The bakery is family-run, and it is obvious that they consider the requirements of their patrons and their families in all they do and produce.

Icing on the Cake: best bakery in Colorado Springs

Icing on the Cake: best bakery in Colorado Springs
Icing on the Cake: best bakery in Colorado Springs

Wedding and bespoke cakes from Icing on the Cake are known for their exquisite designs. Despite the fact that Icing on the Cake is a young company, the workforce’s collective industry experience exceeds 40 years. Your reputation in Colorado Springs has grown significantly as a result of our diligent attention to detail.

They are grateful to have received referrals from some of Colorado’s most distinguished businesses. They are willing to collaborate with you to build the cake of your dreams thanks to their welcoming staff and skilled cake designers. They have you covered whether it’s for your wedding, birthday, or “just because.”

Bella Cakes By Thena

For any occasion, Bella Cakes By Thena provides exquisitely personalized cakes, cupcakes, and biscuits. They’ve always loved baking, and I’ve enjoyed it ever since she was a young girl. Thena is a self-taught cake designer with more than 18 years of experience.

When Thena made the decision to enroll in a Wilton cake decorating class, she realized she had a natural flair for the craft and had a gift for it. She made the decision to start her own business, Bella Cakes, after retiring from teaching. Thena enjoys baking and decorating with a passion, and as a Wilton Instructor, she has spread her enthusiasm to others.

Sugarplum Cake Shoppe

In order to create the cake or dessert you desire, Sugarplum Cake Shoppe consults with you one-on-one to determine what must be done. At the core of my bakery is the idea that a hand-crafted dessert can turn any ordinary time into a memorable occasion and any extraordinary occasion into a memory.

For this reason, The Sugarplum Cake Shoppe offers its customers a distinctive purchasing experience. Whether it’s a small treat, a volcano cake, or an eight-tier wedding cake, their team of talented decorators will always be prepared and able to create the ideal cake or dessert for any special occasion.

Bakery Gateaux, Denver, Colorado

Denver’s Gateaux Bakery offers delicious cupcakes and cookies that are so amazing you can’t stop at one, as well as artistically created cakes for any occasion. By selling pastries and cakes that have won awards, this lovely bakery has established a solid reputation. Gateaux Bakery is the ideal location if you’re looking for a custom cake that was meticulously made.

Boulder Baked, Colorado Boulder: best bakery in Colorado Springs

Boulder Baked, Colorado Boulder: best bakery in Colorado Springs
Boulder Baked, Colorado Boulder: best bakery in Colorado Springs

For many years, Boulder residents have enjoyed Boulder Baked. Boulder Baked offers a wide selection of baked products, including pot pies and delectable pastries. You will always receive a fresh batch of cookies from Boulder Baked since the cookies are baked to order. There are numerous vegan and gluten-free alternatives available at this bakery.

Colorado’s Denver Bread Company

Since 1994, Denver Bread Company has produced superior bread made from healthy foods. Feel good about buying bread from Denver Bread Company because many of the ingredients are grown right here in Colorado, and the company even distributes bread to organizations that help the less fortunate.

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