7 Best things to do in Hawaii

7 Best things to do in Hawaii

Hawaii is a tourist destination that has never ceased to be hot. According to statistics, each year more than 8 million visitors are expected to Hawaii, nearly 60% of whom come from the mainland United States. Until now, Hawaii is an ideal place for tourists to dream of a great vacation of their lifetime. Many people ask: ‘What are the best things to do in Hawaii?‘ They want to travel here but have not yet planned where to go or what to do. And now we won’t let you wait any longer, we present you with the 7 best things to do in Hawaii.

7 Best things to do in Hawaii

1. Surf

Hawaii is home to many islands and rich marine species. So you can participate in as many types of ocean activities as you like. For those who want to ride the waves, Hawaii has some of the best surfing and windsurfing sites in the world. If you like to be underwater, you can participate in diving to see corals, sea turtles, lovely fish and many other sea creatures. This is considered the best things to do in Hawaii that you should try.


2. Visit Pearl Harbor

When it comes to best things to do in Hawaii, you can’t miss visiting Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor is a harbor on the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. This place has become a famous tourist destination, attracting tourists from all over the world to visit the beautiful Hawaii and understand more of American history.

You can join a tour that begins with a 25-minute short film about the history of Pearl Harbor. After the movie, you’re taken to the USS Memorial, where they’re asked to pay their respects as they offer their condolences to the fallen soldiers. The memorial is a place to see, a modern rectangular sculpture that appears to be floating on water.

Pearl Harbor

3. Attending Luau

Another quintessential experience you should try in best things to do in Hawaii is joining Luau. This is a traditional Hawaiian event involving hula dancing and a party. At luau, you can try local specialties like kalua pig cooked in an underground oven, poke, poi and taro while listening to Hawaiian music and watching dancers perform. There are many luau options on Oahu, and most of them are relatively similarly priced. A few theater options for dinner are Germaine “Luau” and Paradise Cove Luau.

Attending Luau

4. Camping in a tent on the beach

This is one of the best things to do in Hawaii. As you know, Hawaii is an archipelago with beautiful scenery along with poetic beaches. All suitable for your vacation at the beach, you can pitch a tent with your friends in an ideal location to fully enjoy the wonderful Hawaiian climate.

Camping in a tent on the beach

5. Visit Local Town stores

Here, you will find it interesting and want to learn more about the local vibe, taste authentic food and shop for locally produced goods. For example, Haleiwa’s arts center on the north shore has a number of charming surf shops and boutiques to see. Other small beach towns to add to your itinerary include Kailua, Kaneohe, and Waimanalo.

If you want to see seashells, snails and other unique things under the sea, you will probably want to visit the small towns here. Take a look at some and save it for your trip. We would be remiss if we didn’t include this in our Best things to do in Hawaii list.

Visit Local Town stores

6. Hike the Koko Crater Trail

Koko crater trails begin at the southern edge of the city, weaving its way up the volcanic foothills of the Koʻolau Mountains and over the waters of beautiful Hanauma Bay. Striking the streets of Portlock, this nature reserve is home to cacti and sunbathing paths, offering pedestrians a glimpse into the Aloha state’s outback. When it comes to the best things to do in Hawaii, we can’t miss this interesting thing for travelers who love adventure and excursions.

Hike the Koko Crater Trail

7. Swim with the dolphins

If you go to Hawaii, one of the best things to do in Hawaii is swimming with the adorable dolphins in the clear blue waters of Oahu at Dolphins and You. After repeating an authentic Hawaiian hymn, you’ll have the chance to socialize with playful dolphins off the coast of Honolulu.

Not only that, here, you will also have the opportunity to explore other exciting activities such as stand-up paddleboards and Oahu’s tallest boat water slide. Besides, Hula dance and ukulele performances bring joy to your trip. If you have children with you, this is a great option for your family to experience for a trip to Hawaii.

Swim with the dolphins


Another tourist season comes and you don’t know what to do for your vacation? Come to Hawaii to enjoy the gift of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Above are 7 best things to do in Hawaii that we can offer for your trip to this beautiful archipelago. In addition, you can refer to more things to do when coming to Hawaii in addition to these 7 things to avoid wasting your time.

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