Learn the Best Way to Travel Around Europe with a Family

Learn the Best Way to Travel Around Europe with a Family

Are you looking for the best way to travel around Europe with a family? Well, lifeztravel is here to guide you with these tips to help you have the best experience with your loved ones.

Bring in a modern, vibrant or quiet, ancient beauty depending on the country you choose to visit. These things have made tourists who choose to travel to Europe never get bored and go once will want to come back again. Coming here, you will discover the architecture, culture, rhythm of life, cuisine and especially experience the new atmosphere emanating from every street and corner.

Without making you wait any longer, we will start sharing the essentials and best for your trip with your family to Europe. Let’s have a look together!

1. What is the best season to travel to Europe?

If talking about traveling to Europe, which season is the most beautiful, it will be difficult to answer exactly. Because Europe consists of many countries, each country has its own interesting things in each season. But if your family wants to travel to several specific countries at once, you should choose the countries with the best weather conditions for the time you want to go. With that said, this depends on your interests and the time your family is free.

There are some springtime destinations in Europe, such as those with colorful tulips and cherry blossom-lined walkways, that are ideal for nature lovers seeking a cool environment. Germany, France, and the Netherlands are a few nations to which you may make reference.

The best time to travel to Europe is in the summer since you can go swimming, sunbathe, visit interesting places, and take part in a variety of fun events. As a result, you should think about researching the weather in the area you’re visiting. This season, some places will see temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius.

With rows of yellow trees falling all the way throughout Europe in the autumn, the air will be colder and more romantic; this is a great time for young couples or in-love couples to travel.

When you visit Europe during the winter, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how snowy it is and how beautifully the Christmas season is celebrated. Additionally, fascinating aurora occurrences are a hallmark of winter.

2. What means of transport should you choose to travel around Europe?

Traveling around Europe, you have many options such as taxis, buses, trams, subways,… to move between places of interest. You can easily buy train and bus tickets at the stops. But if you want to save money, you can take the bus as this is usually the most affordable, but certainly not as comfortable. This is the best way to travel around Europe with a family.

To move between one country to another you can choose the plane. However, airfare will most likely make up the bulk of your European travel budget. Some airlines with stable prices you may be interested in are: Easy Jet, Ryanair, Vueling, etc. In addition, you can also choose long-distance buses of companies such as: Flix bus, Euro lines, Alsa, Ouibus, Blablabus, …

3. Which countries should you visit in Europe?

While there are a lot of countries in Europe, there are a few that stand out in terms of tourism, scenery and culture that you can choose to explore in a few days. Such as:



France is a destination not to be missed when it comes to European travel. With a temperate climate and two distinct seasons, you should come to France between the end of April and May, when it is cold but still pleasant. November is also an ideal time when this is the low season, you will save money on your high-end European travel. French cuisine is also highly appreciated, so your family should take some time to enjoy some specialties!



Located in a temperate climate, Belgium’s weather is quite pleasant, it will not be too difficult for you to choose the time to visit this country. To be able to discover all the beauty of this country, you should not miss the capital Brussels, the city of Bruges or Ghent. In addition, the town of Mons with many cultural heritages recognized by UNESCO is also a place that you should add to your itinerary. Especially, Belgium is famous for its delicious chocolate, so don’t forget to visit a chocolate shop to enjoy and buy it as a gift.



Italy is a country that is quite famous for the number of tourists every year. This country has many famous cities with its own beauty such as Rome, Florence, Milan or the Vatican state. Italy is a romantic place with superlative architecture and a fashion center or many famous landmarks. In addition, Italian cuisine is also quite famous for many delicious dishes, especially the original taste of Pizza.



Germany is home to a rich heritage of art and architecture. The climate here is a bit cold, so consider choosing the right time to visit this country. If you want to have a trip without spending too much, winter will be a reasonable time.

These are just a few of the many beautiful countries in Europe. We can’t cover them all in this article, so you can choose the places your family wants to go.


Above are lifeztravel’s shares about the best way to travel around Europe with a family. Maybe this information will not meet your expectations for a long and conditional trip. But don’t despair, we also have a few suggestions for you that might help you on your next trip – The Best Places to Travel in November

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