Fun Things to Do for Couples in Ireland

Fun Things to Do for Couples in Ireland

Ireland is a distinctive island country that you can visit at any time of year, whether it’s sunny in the summer or covered in snow during the chilly winter. Fun things to do for couples in Ireland are always of interest to everyone because it is an ideal place for memorable dates.

When speaking of Ireland, one must think of the breathtaking natural surroundings, the mountains that are adjacent to the coast, and the historic castles that seem to have come straight out of a fairy tale. Discover the best and most romantic places and things in Ireland with lifeztravel right here in this article.

7 fun things to do for couples in Ireland

1. Go dancing in Temple Bar in Dublin

Go dancing in Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland

For musicians or anyone who enjoys music, Dublin is one of the best cities. Several bars in Temple Bar include live music, and there are a lot of people dancing and singing there. It is the city’s center and a location you must see when you first arrive. There are solo or group musicians playing classic Irish or pop-rock songs from the 1990s and 2000s at the various bars.

Dancing is pleasant and a terrific opportunity to enjoy yourself while touching your partner in unique ways. Enjoy a pint, listen to music, or party here as you stroll down the medieval-style streets packed with bars, stores, and galleries. Nighttime here is bustling, especially on the weekends.

2. Explore the Glens of Antrim

Explore the Glens of Antrim

What are the fun things to do for couples in Ireland? Glens of Antrim is a great place to explore. Belfast, the nation’s capital, offers unending cultural appeal, but County Antrim also has Northern Ireland’s most stunning beaches and enigmatic landscapes.

No one can dispute that Ireland is known for its lush nature, but the Glens of Antrim valley stands out as a particularly alluring location. This group of nine steeply sloping and picturesque valleys in County Antrim’s north is also referred to as “the Glens.”

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, has a rich, turbulent past and a lot to offer travelers to the Antrim county. Belfast is also a bustling metropolitan hub with a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, and cultural attractions to discover. One of the most intriguing spots to visit when exploring the city is the freshly opened Titanic Museum.

3. Tour on a horse-drawn carriage from Killarney

Tour on a horse-drawn carriage from Killarney

If you’re looking for fun things to do for couples in Ireland, a carriage tour from Killarney would be a romantic and conceptual idea. Take a ride in a carriage pulled by horses and explore Killarney National Park. While traveling, you’ll pass by locations like Ross Castle, St. Mary’s Church, Killarney House Gardens, and more, all the while taking in the local history and amazing tales.

Try this romantic form of travel with your significant other and have a distinctive and classic experience instead of using conventional transit options like buses or cabs. You will have the opportunity to visit Ireland’s final herd of natural red deer in addition to its other stunning and historic locations. Of course, spend some time listening to the illustrious O’Donoghue Mor and Oliver Cromwell’s tales.

4. Relax on the beach in Portrush

Relax on the beach in Portrush

Due to its tranquil seascape, the fishing town of Portrush has been a vacation destination in Northern Ireland since Queen Victoria‘s reign. Although Portrush’s picturesque main street is crowded with bars and eateries and the harbor features bobbing boats and serene sunsets, the majority of visitors come for the area’s stunning beaches.

Visitors go to Portrush’s expansive white sand beach in the summer to sunbathe because it is one of the most picturesque in all of Ireland. The well-known Barry’s amusement park, with its arcades and roller coasters, is a favorite among kids of all ages. It really wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we called relaxing on the beach in Portrush one of the fun things to do for couples in Ireland.

5. Visit the Whitefriar St. Carmelite Church in Dublin

Visit the Whitefriar St. Carmelite Church in Dublin

Since it was constructed in 1827, this Carmelite church has been in the same position. This church will warm your heart because it is lovely and serene. Spend a day at this lovely church with your significant other and be in awe of its peaceful and relaxing ambiance and design, as well as the tremendously rich history it has to offer.

Take advantage of the chance to learn more about this historically significant religious location, which is known for its temples. Of course, Saint Valentine’s Day has one of the most important shrines. Take your time together and ask him to keep an eye on your life as a pair because he is the epitome of romance. This church, which has romantic significance, is a must-see for a couple while visiting Ireland.

6. Take a scenic farm walk on Dingle Peninsula

Take a scenic farm walk on Dingle Peninsula

Head to the Dingle Peninsula for fresh air and breathtaking vistas to escape the busy areas of Dublin and Cork. Brigid, the Airbnb host, will give you a tour of a historic farm that is 150 years old and show you to some of the sheep that live there. Good walking shoes are required for this two-hour activity, so be ready. Combine a delightful, traditional walk in the park with your romantic castle excursions.

To fully appreciate the Dingle Peninsula’s splendor, mount up and ride up the hill. Beautiful scenery peppered with historic ruins. Irish heritage is deeply rooted in horses, and you can find a stable where you can go for a trail ride in almost every county. County Wicklow is another of our favorite riding locations in Ireland. This is one of the 7 fun things to do for couples in Ireland that we would like to recommend to you.

7. Kayak on the Liffey

Kayak on the Liffey

Dublin is split into two halves by the River Liffey, which is the primary river that runs through the city. The boardwalk is wonderful if you want to take a day stroll and view some of the city’s most notable landmarks because it adds some charm to the area. But paddling a kayak down a river with your lover can add to the enjoyment.

If you want to race together, you can rent kayaks for both of you or for each individual. For couples who enjoy exercising, kayaking on the River Liffey is one of the enjoyable things to do in Dublin. There is something really romantic about being on the water. On the River Liffey, you may kayak to see the city’s most notable attractions. Look no further than fun things to do for couples in Ireland when it’s available here!


Another thing that is obvious is that there is abundant greenery everywhere you look; bare hills and patches of deserted countryside are rare. Ireland has a reputation for being “green” due to its temperate weather, copious rainfall, and people’s concern of environmental care. The area’s natural beauty is what arouses visitors’ passion.

Above are 7 fun things to do for couples in Ireland that lifeztravel has shared with you. These places and the things you are about to do can leave a lasting impression on your partner. The biggest prize you can give yourself and your partner for life’s accomplishments is a trip to Ireland. I hope your trip is enjoyable.

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