Guide to Seeing Cherry Blossoms in Japan in May 2023

Guide to Seeing Cherry Blossoms in Japan in May 2023

If you’re looking to see cherry blossom trees in Japan in May of 2023, there are a few things you’ll need to know in advance.

First, the blooms will peak in late April or early May and will last for around three weeks. Second, it’s important to note that the trees in Japan are not as widespread as those in the United States, so you may not be able to see them everywhere you go.

However, there are a few places in Japan that are particularly well-known for their cherry blossom trees, so if you’re willing to travel a bit, you should be able to see them. Let’s learn a little about Japanese cherry blossoms with lifeztravel before going to the most beautiful flower viewing locations.

The Cherry Blossom Festival (Sakura Festival) in Japan

The Cherry Blossom Festival, also known as Sakura Festival, is a highly anticipated event in Japan that celebrates the arrival of spring and the blooming of cherry blossom trees. The festival typically takes place in late March to early April, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

During the festival, many parks, temples, and other public spaces throughout Japan hold events and activities to celebrate the beauty of the cherry blossoms. People gather under the blooming trees for picnics, parties, and traditional Japanese hanami (flower viewing) ceremonies.

Some popular places to experience the Cherry Blossom Festival include Tokyo’s Ueno Park, Kyoto’s Philosopher’s Path, and Osaka Castle Park. The festival is a time of joy and renewal, and it’s a chance for locals and tourists alike to appreciate the fleeting beauty of the cherry blossoms.

It’s worth noting that the timing of the festival can vary depending on the location and the year, as the cherry blossom season is influenced by weather conditions. To get the most up-to-date information on the Cherry Blossom Festival, it’s best to check the cherry blossom forecast for the specific region you plan to visit.

The Cherry Blossom Festival (Sakura Festival) in Japan

What are the best places to see cherry blossoms in Japan in May 2023?

Unfortunately, the cherry blossom season in Japan typically ends by early May, so it may be difficult to find cherry blossoms in bloom during that time. However, here are a few places that may still have cherry blossoms in May:

Hokkaido: The cherry blossom season in Hokkaido typically starts in late April and lasts through early May. Some popular spots to see cherry blossoms in Hokkaido include Goryokaku Park in Hakodate and Matsumae Park in Matsumae.

Hirosaki Castle: While the peak bloom period for cherry blossoms at Hirosaki Castle in Aomori is usually late April, some cherry blossoms may still be in bloom in early May.

Takato Castle Park: Located in Nagano, Takato Castle Park is home to over 1,500 cherry blossom trees. The cherry blossom season here typically starts in early April and lasts through early May.

Sapporo: While most cherry blossoms in Sapporo bloom in late April, there are some late-blooming varieties that can still be seen in early May. One popular spot for cherry blossom viewing in Sapporo is Maruyama Park.

How to get around in Japan during cherry blossom season

Cherry blossom season is a popular time for travel in Japan, so it’s important to plan ahead and book transportation in advance to avoid sold-out trains and buses. Japan has an extensive network of trains, subways, and buses that can get you almost anywhere you want to go. Purchase a Japan Rail Pass if you plan to travel extensively by train.

Consider private transportation options: Taxis and rental cars are also available in Japan, but can be expensive. Consider using ride-sharing services or hiring a private driver for a more cost-effective option.

Cherry blossom season is a great time to explore Japan’s cities and towns on foot or by bike. Many areas offer rental bikes for a small fee, and walking or biking allows you to take in the beauty of the cherry blossoms at a leisurely pace.

Cherry blossom season is a busy time in Japan, so be prepared for large crowds at popular cherry blossom viewing spots and on public transportation. Try to avoid peak times, such as weekends and early evenings, and consider visiting less popular locations for a quieter experience.

Remember to be respectful of Japan’s customs and etiquette when viewing cherry blossoms. Don’t pick or damage the cherry blossoms, and keep noise levels down in public areas.

How to get around in Japan during cherry blossom season

Tips for taking photos of cherry blossoms in Japan

Cherry blossoms are one of Japan’s most iconic natural attractions, and taking photos of these delicate flowers is a popular pastime for both locals and visitors. Here are some tips for taking great photos of cherry blossoms in Japan:

Cherry blossom season in Japan is short, so it’s important to time your visit right. Keep an eye on the cherry blossom forecast and plan your visit during peak bloom, which usually lasts only a few days.

Bright sunlight can wash out the delicate hues of cherry blossoms. Aim to shoot during the “golden hour” of early morning or late afternoon, when the light is softer and warmer. A polarizing filter can help reduce glare and make colors more vibrant, which is especially helpful when shooting in bright sunlight.

Play with the aperture settings on your camera to create shallow depth of field and blur the background, which can make the cherry blossoms stand out more. Try shooting from different angles, such as from below the branches or from a low vantage point, to add depth and interest to your photos.

Adding people to your cherry blossom photos can give a sense of scale and add a human element to your images. Try capturing candid moments of people enjoying the cherry blossoms.

While it’s tempting to focus solely on taking photos, remember to take breaks and enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms in person. After all, the best memories are often made without a camera in hand.

Final Words

If you’re planning to see cherry blossoms in Japan in May of 2023, it’s important to know the different type of blossom seen in Japan, as well as the different times they are in bloom. It’s also helpful to keep in mind the weather in Japan in May, as the cherry blossoms will only be in bloom for a limited time.

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