Top 5 Most Relaxing Pubs and Bars on The River Thames

The most relaxing pubs and bars on the river Thames

What do you usually do after stressful and tiring working sessions? What do you usually spend your free time on? Enjoy a glass of wine or a cold beer at one of the bars on the river Thames. The atmosphere and setting of these places will bring you relaxation and peace. Scroll down to discover with lifeztravel about wonderful pubs and bars on the river Thames!

The most relaxing pubs and bars on the river Thames

1. The Ship


The Ship

The Ship is one of the most relaxing pubs and bars on the river Thames that we want to mention first. The Ship is a charming restaurant and tavern featuring live Irish music performances, quality beer, seasonal meals, and private gardens. The Wandsworth Bridge-near 18th-century pub has a view of the Thames, offers an outdoor barbeque in the summer months, and overlooks the river. It is particularly well-liked in the summertime, when it coincides with quizzes, live music events, and yearly festivals.

For those seeking a superb lunch in a picturesque setting close to the River Thames, this pub in South West London is a good choice. You can unwind with friends in the spacious dining room of The Ship while huddling by the central fireplace and listening to live acoustic orchestras. Additionally, The Ship has riverfront rooms that can host up to 15 guests for the night and each cabin has a plasma screen for private parties looking for something a little different.

2. Trafalgar Tavern

Park Row, London SE10 9NW, United Kingdom

Trafalgar Tavern

Enjoy the riverside views at Trafalgar Tavern, one of the pubs and bars on the river Thames in Greenwich that ideally complements its surroundings. The nicest views of the river are provided by the enormous Georgian windows. The menu features classic Whitebait and other authentic British bar nibbles, along with a number of à la carte entrees, a substantial wine list, and real beer.

Simply said, the Trafalgar Tavern is a celebration of Old London and Maritime heritage and a location where the past can coexist with the present. Don’t overlook the Lord Nelson statue outside, which was particularly commissioned. The location offers space that may be rented out for events and dinner parties. This big bar is a great place to pause in between visiting Greenwich’s various attractions because it has paintings and busts that illustrate the region’s maritime history and large windows that provide breathtaking views of the Thames.

3. The White Swan

Harborne Rd, Birmingham B15 3TT, United Kingdom

The White Swan

The White Cross has long been a part of life on the Thames and is one of the pubs and bars on the river Thames with stunning views. It’s the greatest spot along the river to take in the breathtaking views, whether you’re lounging inside on a chilly winter day or soaking up the sun in the garden. The items on the menu are of the highest quality and are freshly made with the freshest seasonal ingredients from Britain.

Rugby supporters frequent the White Swan before and after matches at the neighboring Twickenham Stadium, which serves as the home of English rugby. If you’re not fortunate enough to obtain tickets, you can watch the game in this riverbank pub from the 17th century. Great cuisine is also served here, including burgers, chicken wings, and fish & chips.

4. Anchor Bankside

34 Park St, London SE1 9EF, United Kingdom

Anchor Bankside

The Anchor is a bar located in Southwark, a borough of London. It is beside Southwark Cathedral and London Bridge station on the south bank of the River Thames in Bankside. Shakespeare’s river pubs were barely partially constructed; Anchor Bankside was the only one to survive following the Great London Fire in 1676. So there’s no reason why Anchor Bankside shouldn’t be listed in our most relaxing pubs and bars on the river Thames.

A historic bar providing authentic beer and traditional British fare is called The Anchor, and it can be found in Southwark on the banks of the River Thames. The Anchor Bankside has long been a well-liked drinking establishment, luring both tourists and residents to drink and eat on its riverfront terrace. It is tucked between The Golden Hinde and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. For the best spot, show here early on sunny afternoons.

5. The Mayflower

117 Rotherhithe St, London SE16 4NF, United Kingdom

The Mayflower

Just two minutes from Rotherhithe Station, in Rotherhithe Village, sits The Mayflower, one of the river’s oldest pubs. The first subterranean river tunnel in history was built in Rotherhithe, a former port town. Cobblestone streets, a covered dock outdoors, a warm restaurant lighted by candles, and a traditional English pub are all there.

Private parties of up to 60 people can be held in the restaurant and bar upstairs, which also offers breathtaking river views. The bar is quaint and traditional with French doors leading out to the Thames balcony. The restaurant’s menu features delectable traditional British cuisine made using local, fresh ingredients. It is further supplemented by a variety of superb wines, locally produced gin, and well-preserved traditional and craft breweries.


Above are the 5 most relaxing pubs and bars on the river Thames – they are perfect for you if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy these wonderful and gentle, relaxing moments on the banks of this romantic Thames. And treat yourself to a glass of your favorite wine. Everything will be so chill!

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