The 8 Best Fun Things To Do In Ireland

The 8 Best Fun Things To Do In Ireland

One of the most thrilling places to visit in Europe is Ireland. Coming here will provide you the chance to interact with welcoming locals, discover more about Ireland’s culture and history, and take in the picturesque natural surroundings. Let’s find out the best fun things to do in Ireland with lifeztravel through the article below. Get started now!

Fun Things To Do in Ireland

1. Immerse yourself in the joyful atmosphere of Saint Patrick’s Day

Immerse yourself in the joyful atmosphere of Saint Patrick's Day

Even though St. Patrick’s Day is observed all over the world, it is not normal for individuals to speak English with an Irish accent, wear green clothing, and consume Guinness on this particular day every year. Even if you don’t have enough time to take part in it all because the event is now a week long, you may still celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Irish way by attending a modest gathering.

Referring to fun things to do in Ireland, it is impossible not to mention participating in Saint Patrick’s Day. You will really discover the culture of the local people and have fun with them.

2. Surfing the Western Sea

Donegal Bay‘s characteristic funnel-shaped waves make it the perfect vacation spot for surfers. Donegal also boasts some of the most exquisite beaches in the world that will delight even the most discriminating traveler, even if you don’t know how to surf. The things that define Donegal in the perspective of tourists are fresh food, nature that has been conserved to look as it did in earlier times, golf courses, and hospitable people.

3. Explore Dublin

Explore Dublin

Words like clever, new, vibrant, and modern may not always be sufficient to define Dublin. The capital of Ireland is also a ton of fun. Brightly painted doors greet guests throughout the day. Dublin city seems to change at night into a highly lively nightlife.

The Guinness World Records-holding home, the Dublin Zoo, the city castle, the Dublin Literary Museum, the National Gallery of Ireland, and the botanical park are just a few of the attractions in Dublin. Exploring Dublin is one of the best fun things to do in Ireland.

4. Enjoy a festive summer in Galway

Galway is referred to as the Festival Capital of Ireland, and one of the top 12 shows in the world is the Galway Oyster Festival, which takes place in September. If two months prior, the Galway Art Festival draws more than 100,000 visitors, then subsequent events such as the Connemara Marathon, the Cúirt Literary Festival, and the Baboro International Children’s Art Festival will bring more people. Everything takes place in the summer, which is fantastic.

5. Take a Cruise on the Shannon River

Take a Cruise on the Shannon River

No adventurer should skip taking a boat across the Shannon River, which is the first item on this list. The Shannon River, the longest river on the island, runs from Mount Cuilcagh‘s foothills all the way to Limerick, where it empties into the sea. From Limerick to Lower Lough Erne in Northern Ireland, the areas that are easiest to navigate are. Nothing is more soothing than a trip on the Shannon by boat.

The best part of the entire vacation will be the breathtaking vistas along the 500 kilometer waterway. The most well-liked routes, where you may also charter boats of all kinds, are from Portumna to Carrick. There are a ton of more undiscovered treasures up north for those wishing to extend their river experience.

6. Visiting Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo is a fantastic place to stop if you happen to be traveling through Ireland with children. Your children will get to interact closely with a variety of animals while discovering a ton of interesting information about wildlife. The Dublin Zoo is home to many different species of animals, including birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Visitors can see creatures local to Ireland in addition to the usual exotic breeds found at most zoos. Over the years, the wildlife conservation initiatives of Dublin Zoo have been very important in preserving a number of endangered species.

7. Shopping


You’ll be happy to learn that Ireland provides much more than just natural beauty for shopaholics who enjoy collecting trip souvenirs, modern malls, and gift shops. The Grafton Street Mall is an illustration of this type.

For those who enjoy antiques, Dublin 162 Francis Street is the ideal location. You can buy distinctive Irish products to bring home at the annual Antiques and Collectibles Fair held in Dublin every April. There are also lots of boutiques in Cork City, Galway, Kilkenny, and Limerick if you have a taste for exotic attire.

8. Go around the Mayo Greenway

Incredibly long at 42 kilometers, the Mayo Greenway in the West of Ireland connects Achill Island and Westport on the mainland. It offers beautiful views of the coastline, notably Clew Bay and its numerous islands, and passes by a number of charming villages and mountains.

If you’re searching for genuine Irish hospitality, treat yourself to a wonderful night at the stunning Teach Cruachan Bed & Breakfast while you’re there. Check out my friend’s post about interesting things to do in Mayo if you want to learn more about one of the most picturesque regions in Ireland. The island’s wilder beaches and fountains in Ireland can be visited while cycling around it for the best views of the Atlantic.

Bottom line

Ireland is a fascinating nation with a distinctive cultural tradition, so traveling there will expose you to fresh experiences. It is a nation rich in illustrious history, thriving culture, and breathtaking natural beauty. Above are the best fun things to do in Ireland that we would like to recommend to you. Plan now to explore Ireland now!

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