Top 10 BBQ restaurants in Colorado Springs

Top 10 BBQ restaurants in Colorado Springs

It’s a terrific way to work up an appetite to explore Garden of the Gods. In addition to some of the restaurants in the park, there are lots more delectable Colorado Springs eateries close by. There are at least four wonderful options for people who are in the mood for a barbecue. Here are BBQ restaurants in Colorado Springs, listed in no particular order.

BBQ restaurants in Colorado Springs

BBQ Bird Dog

Any local will tell you that Bird Dog BBQ is one of their favorite barbecue joints in Colorado Springs if you ask. Although they claim to serve Oklahoma-style BBQ with a Colorado flair, the flavors here are so distinctive that we believe they have developed something really unique and particular to Colorado Springs. Try one of their delectable sandwiches, like the Smokehouse, which features brisket and a hotlink, or sample platters of smoked meats.

BBQ restaurants in Colorado Springs
BBQ restaurants in Colorado Springs

BBQ Front Range

Front Range has a wide variety of delectable dining alternatives, including Cajun cuisine and fresh, juicy beef burgers. However, given that they serve some of Colorado Springs’ best barbecue, it would be hard to go there and not sample at least one platter. The zesty Old South Brunswick Stew, the hickory-smoked chicken wings, or the tried-and-true ribs are all worthy of a try. Whatever you choose is certain to amaze you and your taste senses.

“Country Store” and BBQ at Rudy’s

Rudy’s in Colorado Springs actually has a genuine, vintage country store-like appearance. Allow the wonderful historic charm to entice you inside, where you’ll find a tempting array of BBQ meals. Here, everything is done to perfection, from pulled pork sandwiches that are bursting with flavor to juicy brisket. Locals even advise coming here on an empty stomach because the dishes are enormous and quite filling.

BBQ with Bones

Craft BBQ restaurants are what Broken Bones calls itself. And that’s largely true. They offer some of Colorado Springs’ most distinctive hand-crafted BBQ. It is precisely seasoned before being cooked slowly over wood, fire, and smoke. In conclusion, regardless of the type you typically choose, it’s unquestionably some of the best BBQ in the city. You may either dine in and enjoy a fresh sandwich or order meats by the pound to take home.

Tavern and Smokehouse Bourbon Brothers

The Rocky Mountains and Southern-style meats collide at Bourbon Brothers to create a mouthwatering whirlwind of flavors. They serve everything from bacon-wrapped meatloaf to fried pickles and gumbo, all of which are authentically influenced by the flavors of the South. While everything is worth trying, make sure to try the savory meats that they prepare on their Ole Hickory Pit Smoker. Drool-worthy Black Angus brisket is served.

BBQ restaurants in Colorado Springs
BBQ restaurants in Colorado Springs

BBQ by Billy Sims

Despite having outlets all over the US, Billy Sims still offers some fairly outstanding barbecue. They use a unique Billy Sims spice combination to season the meats before smoking them completely on-site for 14 hours. Are you incredibly hungry? Get the Gameday Pack, which includes four slices of Texas toast, two sides, and a half-pound of smoked meat. It will satisfy a hungry bunch.

Tong Tong

The best Korean eateries in Colorado Springs are all located here. Tong Tong, a restaurant in Chelton Center, has one of the best ratings of any in Colorado (around 4.5 stars).

The food is delectable, and if you’re an Asian who’s far from home, this restaurant will make you feel at home thanks to its superb food, which is presented beautifully, and the top-notch service.

It’s peaceful and cozy here, and you’ll feel like you’re around family. Tong Tong is the ideal location if you’re searching for a quiet spot to grab a quick business lunch. Additionally, it offers top-notch sides.

San Chang House

The family-run San Chang House is well-known in Colorado Springs for its flavorful bulgogi and hot beef and pork. It is a modest, quaint location with a relaxed atmosphere.

It offers a large selection of meat and veggies, and the meal is always good and authentic. The fact that this restaurant offers low-fat, gluten-free, and vegetarian meal options sets it apart from similar eateries.

Family and group dining are made possible by the food and atmosphere, and children are especially welcome there.

The San Chang House offers not only exquisite meals and first-rate service, but it also has a wheelchair-accessible entrance and allows bike racks for those who like to travel by bike.

Kang Nam Restaurant

Near the CO Springs airport is a local restaurant called Kang Nam Restaurant. They offer some of the greatest Korean ramen in the region, complete with vegetables, egg drops, and fried dumplings.

Additionally, their service is cordial and accommodating. In contrast to many other eateries, they are renowned for their speedy refills.

Kang Nam is among the top three Korean restaurants in Colorado Springs because of how well-liked it is. Local Asians, including Koreans, find it to be stylish. It is renowned for serving delicious tea as one of its drinks as well.

Shin Sa Dong

BBQ restaurants in Colorado Springs
BBQ restaurants in Colorado Springs

Since its opening in 2010, Colorado Springs has benefited from the flavorful and scrumptious Korean cuisine served at Shin Sa Dong restaurant. The restaurant takes pleasure in using traditional Korean cooking methods to prepare each and every dish.

You become a little bit closer to Korean culture and heritage with every meal. Customers of Shin Sa Dong are welcome to savor the taste of Korean cuisine.

The side dishes are wonderful, artfully prepared, and nutritious. Excellent hot beef and spicy chicken bulgogi are served there. The service is outstanding, and the surroundings are spotless and well-maintained.

If you’re searching for a location to grab some warm soup on a chilly winter night, Shinsadong is the place for you to be because all the soup dishes are always served sizzling hot.

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