Top 8 Best Halal Restaurants In Chicago

Top 8 Best Halal Restaurants In Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City is a historical city with a flourishing arts community. It is a multicultural melting pot and the third-most populous city in the US. Its abundance of food options, which range from the iconic Chicago deep-dish pizza and the classic Italian beef sandwich to the rainbow cones in a rainbow of colors, is a good representation of its diversity. Whatever your dietary restrictions, Chicago has plenty to offer you. Here is a list of the top Halal restaurants in Chicago that will blow your socks off if you’re having trouble finding halal restaurants close to you.

The Halal Guys Chicago

We can vouch for the quality of the Halal Guys’ platters because we had their beef gyros in New York. This kosher fast food franchise had a modest beginning as a street vendor in Manhattan. In NYC, their fabled food truck continues to draw lengthy lines that wrap around the block, and the situation is the same here in Chicago. It’s not difficult to understand why when they provide a sizable serving of rice, well-marinated meat, and a slice of pita bread drizzled with their renowned white sauce. It’s a fairly reasonable dish that both Muslims and non-Muslims like, and it costs less than ten dollars each plate.

Baba Pita: Halal Restaurants In Chicago

Baba Pita: Halal Restaurants In Chicago
Baba Pita: Halal Restaurants In Chicago

You may be guaranteed to enjoy wonderful homemade halal meal options at a family-run Middle Eastern restaurant in Chicago. Their reviews are consistently glowing, and the majority of their meals is created from stratch. Make sure to visit if you’re searching for real, halal Middle Eastern food in Chicago. You can go there: Visit their website here. 2343 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL 60612 | Hours of operation 11 am to 3 pm daily.

Tandoor Char House

Halal Indian-Pakistani food is served in the Indian restaurant Tandoor Char House. Two brothers who were inspired by their mother’s homemade cooking and enjoyment of the food opened it. Additionally, they offer some creative Indian-Western fusion meals like the tandoor burger and tikka masala penne. Both their fusion steaks and their indigenous “chaat fries,” which are made of curly fries dusted with a delicate layer of Indian spices, are delectable. Tandoor Char House is a halal restaurant, therefore it doesn’t serve alcohol, but it does allow non-Muslims to bring their own.

The Tandoori Char House in Chicago is the spot for you if you enjoy the spiciness of Indian and Pakistani Halal dishes. This restaurant, which was founded by two brothers, has Pakistani and Indian roots. Here, you can get the rare authentic and traditional food of Pakistan and India.

Their fusion cuisine is also a popular choice. When you go, sample some of their Indian and Pakistani sweets, like Gulab Jamun, Malai cheesecake, and Malai Kulfi. The restaurant may be found in Chicago at 2652 N. Halsted St. The hours are typically from 11 AM to 10 PM, though they occasionally change.

Sabri Nihari: Halal Restaurants In Chicago

If you’re yearning for Pakistani food, Sabri Nihari is a must-visit establishment. It serves authentic South Asian cuisine in a relaxed, fashionable setting. You will undoubtedly be overwhelmed by the menu options here, which range from bread to conventional curry-based entrees and even grill selections. A faluda, a vibrant Indian dessert consisting of jelly, rice noodles, and ice cream, can be used to round off your dinner. Sabri Nihari has unquestionably earned its place on the Michelin Bib Gourmand by providing authentic, delectable Pakistani food at reasonable pricing.

Sabri Nihari: Halal Restaurants In Chicago
Sabri Nihari: Halal Restaurants In Chicago

Cairo Kebab

The nearby Cairo Kebab restaurant serves classic Egyptian and Mediterranean fare. It is not far from Lincoln Park. Middle Eastern vibes will greet you as you walk in. The local specialty is lamb kebabs. Beef & Lamb Shawerma, Hummus, Baklava, and date-based cookies are a few additional dishes you must try. To avoid lines and ordering from your phone, the restaurant also offers an online ordering option. The restaurant is open every day from 11 AM to 9 PM and can be found at 1524 W Fullerton Ave in Chicago.

Devon Street Chicago

Like Edgware Road in London, Devon Street in Chicago has a large Muslim population and is home to a variety of shops and halal restaurants. You will undoubtedly discover pretty much anything you’re seeking for in this pleasant environment. Additionally, there are a number of mosques including the Lakeshore Muslim Community Center. Chicago is a destination for Halal taste buds of all varieties. There are countless possibilities if you want to come here.

Nini’s Deli: Halal Restaurants In Chicago

The only Latin American restaurant on this list, Nini’s Deli, is a family-run business that has been serving its signature empanadas and sandwiches for more than 30 years. A relaxed, unpretentious restaurant with a cozy decor that is conveniently placed on the corner of the block is a great place to go for brunch. Try one of their specialties Cuban sandwiches before you go.

Nini's Deli: Halal Restaurants In Chicago
Nini’s Deli: Halal Restaurants In Chicago

Bombay Wraps

Only two of Bombay Wraps’ wraps—the beef kebab and lamb curry—are halal, despite the fact that it is a fuss-free tiny restaurant serving freshly made wraps. Nevertheless, they both represent good value for the money thanks to the fresh beef chunks that are sandwiched between two fluffy buns and generously covered in sauce. Bombay Wraps is a wonderful option for a quick lunch run if you’re on a tight schedule because the food is produced very quickly after you place your order.

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