What are the Best Places to Eat in Washington DC?

What are the Best Places to Eat in Washington DC?

Amazing dining establishments, including top-rated breakfast joints, can be found in Washington, DC. The establishments on this list include upscale restaurants as well as contemporary cafes where you may savor pancakes, inventive egg dishes, and a variety of morning beverages. Treat yourself to a meal at one of our 8 best places to eat in Washington DC. Get started now!

8 best places to eat in Washington DC

1. Maketto


Maketto is a market with a retail store, bar, cafe, and bistro in addition to being a restaurant. You can opt to eat in the courtyard or the main dining room on Sunday mornings for Dim Sum. Maketto’s menu combines Taiwanese and Cambodian cuisine, however fried chicken restaurants continue to be the most well-liked. Lunch options range from shrimp crepe rolls to French toast with banana split. Vegetarians will feel at home at one of these 8 best places to eat in Washington DC.

2. Le Diplomate

Le Diplomate

Le Diplomate is a French restaurant that serves light fare, and locals refer to it simply as “Le Dip.” It is located in a stunning ancient structure. On the menu, you’ll find classic French delicacies. One of these 5 best places to eat in Washington DC has plenty of snack options, so it’s sure to please egg lovers and pancake enthusiasts. Le Diplomate’s brunch is always a good idea because it has a fantastic classic Parisian atmosphere and an excellent cuisine.

3. Sushi Capitol

Sushi Capitol

The restaurant serves patrons of all ages and is known for its inexpensive, creatively cooked rolls and fresh fish. Our suggestion is to ask the server to select your food rather than using the chef’s menu, or omakase. He or she can tell you specifically what they receive on any given day and what is worthwhile to try. Instead than eating at a table, we advise waiting for a place at the bar where you can see your food being cooked.

4. Mintwood Place

Mintwood Place

Mintwood Place is a French bistro where you can have a simple lunch and feel pleased. With chic, rustic decor, this one of the 8 best places to eat in Washington DC is a popular and trendy dining spot. There is a meal on the menu at Mintwood Place to suit any mood, even if you are busy and exhausted. On the menu, there is a mixture of traditional and inventive foods; these dishes are really where they excel.

5. Pearl Dive

Pearl Dive

A selection of East and West coast oysters are available at Pearl Dive, all of which are beautifully shucked and served with jalapeno coriander “diving sauce.” Ask for a list of the finest oysters that are on offer for a great treat. The complementary corn muffins that arrive with the bread basket are the ideal setting for indulging in a hearty seafood gum that is packed with oysters, Louisiana shrimp, and other seafood. The CEBLT po-boy, however, is arguably Pearl Dive’s most infamous and messiest dish.

Drinks and nibbles for the roadside can be purchased while the building next to the bar’s old garage door is open in good weather. It truly deserves to be on our best places to eat in Washington DC list.

6. Fiola Mare

Fiola Mare

The dishes made with premium seafood are what draw customers back to Fiola Mare. This seafood restaurant creates dishes that are an exact replica of coastal Italian cuisine. If you don’t want to spend money on a snack, try the endless champagne brunch or the three-course champagne package. Grab a scone or pure cold-pressed juice here if you’re in a hurry. Consider ordering brunch staples like Pane Bello French Toast or Alaska Crab Benedict if you’re eating in.

7. Bombay Club

Bombay Club

Bombay Club is reminiscent of Raj-era India rather than the vibrant Mumbai of today. The best of the subcontinent was selected by the British colonists as they sat in restrained, masculine, and maybe hand-picked dining halls. Elegant waiters dressed as penguins issue a warning about the supposedly mild heat of a lamb meal. There are also thali platters, tandoori meats, and Goan curries available, and the menu discreetly explains the various regional cooking techniques.

8. Donburi


Last but not least, Donburi is one of the 8 best places to eat in Washington DC here. Donburi is small, frequently rowdy, and always inexpensive—far from being high-end establishments. James Jang, the restaurant’s owner and chef, maintains a lively atmosphere by sitting at the chef’s counter, which displays an unorganized kitchen. There, the chef makes vegetable tempura, sushi, and karaage. The restaurant’s identically named dish, which is made of rice and a protein of your choice, is the highlight. A favorite among customers is grilled eel (unagidon) that is blown up right before their eyes.


Above are the best places to eat in Washington DC that we have listed 8 restaurants as well as places that are praised by many diners. We hope you enjoy them and have a delicious meal at one of these places. Thanks for your visit!

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